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Our wide range of Sound, Lighting & AV systems and services can accommodate events of all types and sizes. For smaller events a low-cost yet professional-grade QSC or Yorkville system might be more than sufficient, or for larger / higher-end events a Meyer Concert-series system may be more appropriate.

Meyer Concert-Series Sound System

Meyer Sound

Meyer Sound is perhaps the world's most respected pro-sound manufacturer, known for incredible accuracy, power, reliability, and ease of setup. Meyer's CQ-1 Full-Range Loudspeaker is compact yet remarkably clean and accurate. A pair will comfortably handle small events up to several hundred people. For larger events or bass-heavy music events, Meyer 700-HP Subwoofers and DS-4P Midbass cabinets can be added to accommodate audiences of 1,000+.

Meyer was the first major pro-audio manufacturer to develop self-powered loudspeaker systems and remains at the forefront of self-powered systems. Highly efficient, reliable electronics in each speaker cabinet include sophisticated high-resolution processing, filtering, and TruPower™ limiting that measures the exact power used by each driver, ensuring maximum output and minimized risk of driver failure. Meyer systems set up quickly, require a minimum of fine tuning, and sound great at any volume and with any type of music or audio.

Simply the Highest Quality Sound Available

Our Meyer system delivers audiophile-grade sound that takes events to the next level. A relatively compact system delivers full-range output with extreme clarity, intelligibility, a full, rich, warm sound, precise detail, and reference-grade frequency and phase response. Though indeed a loud and powerful system, this is done without causing hearing damage and no need to yell to have a conversation – even right in front of the speakers. Their ultra-low distortion brings the source signal to life with transparent realism while the rest of the audio spectrum remains free of distortion artifacts.

To ensure maximum dynamic range and ultra-smooth, accurate midrange and treble regardless of system input levels we provide a broadcast levelling system such as the Aphex 320A and additionally recommend that we include a mixing console such as the Allen&Heath Qu-16.

Package Options

Our Meyer Concert-series systems are available as full-service packages
including transportation, setup and operation. Prices below do not include labor or other additional costs.

 Base PackagePrice per day 
1. Meyer Sound 2× CQ-1 or CQ-2 System,
1× UPA-1P Powered Monitor
Meyer Sound CQ-1 Meyer Sound CQ-1 Meyer UPA-1P $300
2. Meyer Sound Full-Range System
2× CQ-1/CQ-2 Full-Range +
2× PSW-2 Subbass System,
2× UPA-1P Powered Monitors
Meyer Sound Basic System $500
3. 8-Cabinet Meyer Sound System
2× CQ-1/CQ-2 Full-Range +
2× DS-4P Midbass +
2× 700-HP Subbass System,
2× UPA-1P Powered Monitors
Meyer Sound Full-Range System $700
4. 11-Cabinet Meyer Sound System
2× CQ-1 + 2× CQ-2 Full-Range +
2× DS-4P Midbass +
3× 700-HP Subbass System,
2× UPA-1P Powered Monitors
Meyer Sound 11-Cabinet System $1000

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