Example Rental Packages

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Sound Equipment Rental   Event Services

 PackagePrice per day 
A. QSC K-Series Self-Powered 3-way system

2 QSC K8 Powered Monitors with stands,
1 QSC KSub Powered Subwoofer, all cables

QSC K8 QSC KSub $120
B. Yorkville Unity-Series Self-Powered 15" 3-way system + Monitor

2 Yorkville Unity U15P Full-Range Speakers with stands,
1 QSC K10 Powered Monitor with stand, all cables

Yorkville Unity U15P QSC K10 $195
C. Meyer Sound 2× CQ-1 or CQ-2 System,
1× UPA-1P Powered Monitor
Meyer Sound CQ-1 Meyer Sound CQ-1 Meyer UPA-1P $300
D. Yorkville Unity-Series Self-Powered 4-way system + Monitor

Same as (B.) + 2 Yorkville Parasource PSA2S Subwoofers

Delivers 7,800 Watts of hi-fidelity full-range power. Easy setup and transport – fits in a large SUV or minivan. Covers 10,000 square feet and 500 people
Yorkville Unity U15P
Yorkville Parasoure PSA2S

E. Yorkville 12,600 Watt Self-Powered 4-way system + Monitor

Same as (D.) + 4 Yorkville Parasource PSA2S Subwoofers

Sound Equipment Rental   Event Services

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