Return Policy

Records, CDs, DVDs, Books, Control Vinyl/CDs, In-Ear Monitors, Headphones

No Returns. No exchanges. All Sales are Final.

Pro Audio, Home Audio, DJ, Production, Lighting Equipment & Accessories

5% Restocking Fee on all non-warranty returns/exchanges. No returns/exchanges after 14 days, or without original receipt, all original packaging and accessories, or if not in New condition.

Clothing, Apparel

No returns. Exchanges can be made within 7 days with original receipt and if item is in New, unwashed condition with tags still attached.

Warranty Returns

For all new equipment and accessories that include a manufacturer warranty we offer a no-hassle 14-day return policy for defective items. If an item has a manufacturer defect you may return it within 14 days for an exchange, repair, or refund at our discretion. If an issue occurs after 14 days it will be necessary for you to contact the manufacturer directly for warranty repair/replacement.

If an item is damaged during shipping this is not considered a manufacturer defect and a claim will need to be made with the shipping carrier. In that case please retain all shipping boxes and materials, contact the shipping carrier to open a claim, and then contact us.

Note that items are not considered defective due to issues with compatibility with computers or other software. Therefore, for example if you are unable to get an audio interface to work with your computer but our testing shows the interface is working correctly, the restocking fee will apply.

Order Cancellation, Changes, Combining

If your order has not yet been processed you are welcome to make changes, add additional items, or cancel. If you submitted your order outside of our store open hours you can do this simply by sending an email letting us know what you would like to change/add/cancel. If your order has already been processed however (payment already processed / shipping label printed), a 5% change/cancellation fee will apply.

We can also combine orders, even from multiple platforms. You can place orders here on our website, on our site, on our sites, then just email or call and we can ship all items together to minimize your shipping costs.

Shipping Costs

Buyer is responsible for all shipping costs unless item is defective, in which case we will cover the return shipping cost if returned within above terms and if shipped by our requested shipping method.

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